For The Love Of Money – Stop Selling!

I hate sales (no, not great discounts at Best Buy or Target), I’m talking about selling, sales tactics, sales seminars, sales coaching, anything and everything that has to do with selling and sales. I loathe it and so should you. Please make it stop!

I am so tired of people trying to sell things. Items, books, seminars, webinars, get “rich/slim/successful/clients” quick products. You name it and someone has a sure fire, can’t miss system to make you wildly successful overnight (or at least in eight short weeks!) Don’t get me wrong, I understand and appreciate capitalism. We are all trying to make a buck and pay the bills, me of course included. But at some point how about taking a step back and just giving people great content and great service! Seems simple enough right?

Stop trying to “make a sale” and let the sales come to you because people value you, your message, your product, and your work. Consumers, clients, and the general public are more educated than ever and more jaded than ever. They can see through your lame communication attempts, social media posts, and sales pitches. Everywhere they turn – digital media, social media, old school media – they are being bombarded with you and your pitch. And guess what, they are tuning you out.

Instead, try the old tried and true. Be a leader. Be a teacher. Be a giver. Give people your knowledge without expectations or a desire for something in return. Show people your path. Tell people your story. It may not be the “quick” approach but it is the approach that will feel good and feel right. Great content is the best sales tool that you have – it never fails to seal the deal.

Yes, there is a time and place to sell your services, products, and business – and it is perfectly normal and understandable to try and grow your business. Just try approaching it a little differently. Try being straight-forward, honest, authentic, and grateful. Don’t constantly hit people over the head with it. Present it, stand behind it, believe in it, and then let it happen. Let it breathe!

Sales and clients and customers and success will come. And when all of that does come, it will be for the right reasons – because people wanted it, not because you talked them into it. Because you earned it and they trusted you with their business. It’s called integrity and doing the right thing. You probably learned it from your dad or a great uncle or the best teacher you ever had in grade school. But somewhere along the line you learned it and it is now time to put it back into action.

Trust me, I want you to pay me for my work (just like you want to get paid for your work), but I also want to sleep at night and feel like I am serving humanity in my small section of the world. If your product/method/book/cupcake/widget/whatever is good, it will ultimately sell. Just please stop trying to sell it!


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