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A long weekend trip in the middle of this long crappy winter could be just the ticket for curing the blues. And It is far easier than a long, thought out, intensely planned vacation.

An impromptu three-day trip can give you a lot of relaxation without spending a lot of cash or effort. But there are a few key points to minimize stress and maximize enjoyment. For example, set a destination mileage limit – say 300 miles – and keep it at a max budget… let’s use $1500. Then take a personal day on a Friday (or find the next three day weekend) and hit the road. It’s easier to get away than you think.

Here are five easy and simple tips to help you get the most out of your getaway…


One carry-on suitcase or an overnight bag. Mobility is the name of this game. Throw a few essentials in the bag and go. If you forget something there is bound to be a store close for toothpaste or socks. Plus, you can maybe make a shopping excursion part of your trip.


Once you decide where you want to go, start “Googling” around for ideas on things you don’t want to miss while you’re there. Have an idea of what you want to do each day to ensure you’re getting your time and money’s worth.


Quit hoarding those credit card points you’ve worked hard to earn. You’ll be surprised at the reduction in travel costs, especially on last minute trips or upgrades.


Are you a foodie or maybe a sports fan? Plan your getaway around your hobby or passion and then seek out a destination that can have you emerged in a  new restaurants or taking in historic stadiums and museums.


Remember that this is off-duty time. It is meant to relax you. Stop checking your email, and put the phone on vibrate. Indulge and participate. Enjoy some drinks, go out and explore, and if she asks you to dance by all means… dance!


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