We all know the basics of being a good parent. Be kind, be understanding, be loving, be compassionate, be strong, etc. etc. etc. But there are also quite a few unique ways to be successful in parenting by thinking just a tad outside the box. Being a wee bit different does not make you a bad parent. In fact, it could be the difference between raising happy, healthy youngsters or going crazy in the process! Next time you are in a situation where the tried and true is not working for you, maybe try a unique approach to solving the problem. Just a hair south of normal could be your saving grace… and could open up a whole new (and successful) style of parenting. Here are three unique ways to be a better parent.


Joking with your children not only relieves stress but it also creates a great bond. It might be a simple knock-knock joke with your toddler, an ongoing funny situation with your youngster, or a series of funny one liners with you teen. Either way, being a clown prince of comedy is a winning formula. It helps kids be creative, be social, and deal with hard times. My son loves improv and doing funny impersonations. It always lightens the mood and gives him a break from reality. Also, don’t forget that being funny also includes laughing at yourself. Which leads me to the next better parenting tip…


Hey Polly Perfect and Thomas Taskmaster… Lighten up! Stop taking everything so seriously. Yes, there is a time and place for discipline and work but there is also a time for not really caring. Every problem and tough situation does not always mean the end of the world. Some battles are just not worth the fight and some issues are just not that important in the grand scheme of childhood. Relax just a bit and your child will relax as well. Part of being a better parent is knowing when to take it easy will teach your children balance and it will also teach them to not sweat the small stuff in life.


Yep, I said it, I am ok with my son talking back to me on occasion! No, it does not mean being disrespectful (because he knows that is never an option) but it does mean that he has an opinion and a voice. It may be a little exasperating at times but it teaches children to be heard… which often leads to them having an opinion with their friends … which can lead to their rejection of peer pressure and them standing up to bullying. Which we all know are very good things. You don’t want this talk to lead to an adversarial relationship with your kids but, when done with guidance, it can teach your children to have strength and a backbone. It can also lead to a stronger bond with your kids because they know that you respect their words and their voice.

If you want to be a better parent, get creative with your parenting techniques and feel safe trying new ideas. Remember, we all learn from failure more than we learn from success and your children do not need you to be perfect… they simply need you to be present! Which of these unusual better parenting tips is your favorite?

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