True Luxury

One of the common descriptions and phrases that I use in my real estate business and in my lifestyle brand marketing is calling myself a “luxury realtor.” More often than not people think that simply means I deal with, and sell, high-end properties… million dollar homes, phenomenal beachfront locations, and all the things that dreams are made of. But the truth is far more simple.

While I do of course work with those kinds of homes, I actually deal in dreams that are much easier to grasp and to make a reality. The luxury of life.

When I use the term luxury, as in “luxury realtor,” or “coastal luxury,” or “luxury lifestyle, I am talking about a state of mind and a way of life… not just a dollar amount or something tangible that you buy. I am talking about living your live with the luxury of being true to yourself and being responsible for your choices and your future.

The term “Own Your Story” has long been my mantra and my brand/business slogan. That is exactly what I am talking about. Owning the story of your life. Truly being in tune with who you are, what you want, and how you live.

For me, all of this pretty much starts with gratitude. Gratitude for simply being alive and having the opportunity to create your life and create your future. I think that is something we all take for granted on a daily basis.

I have developed a much stronger sense of gratitude and have become much more aware of the luxury of my life in the last few years. It has been a really rough few years. Mainly due to the death of both of my parents. They were my world and I was devastated. I have also battled a few health and personal issues which took a toll. All of this made me stare mortality squarely in the face. And I didn’t like what I saw.

The biggest lesson I learned from this time has been the fact that we are all going to die… and perhaps much sooner than we think. It might sound harsh but it is true. That main ideal has now become my train of thought for almost everything in my life. The luxury of being alive will end. I have watched it end first hand. So I decided once and for all, why waste another minute of the luxury of life!?

Why in the world would I take one second for granted? Why would I not try to live my best life? Why would I be scared of anything? Why would I need a reason or permission to live life to the fullest? Why would I not take chances and live big? What is the worst thing that could happen? Well… I guarantee you that it won’t be any worse than dying! When I adopted this attitude, and fully lived it, my world started to change. For the better.

This is the reason I moved to the beach full time. One of the best moves I have ever made.

I simply decided that I wanted to and so I made it happen. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t without sacrifice or problems but it was the luxury that I wanted for my life.

The luxury of waking up everyday in a place that I loved. The luxury of doing what I wanted, where I wanted, and with whom I wanted. The luxury of making a living by doing something that I enjoyed and something that didn’t feel was “work.” And ultimately I decided to take this attitude and make it a part of my work. It was a natural, organic decision that rings true to this day. Coastal Life and Style and True Luxury are not just catchphrases, they really are my daily existence. My brand and business, Youngblood On The Coast, has never felt more real, more sincere, and more genuine. And for that I am truly grateful.

Yes, I still have to pay the bills, clean the house, do the laundry, and mow the yard. I still work, and answer to clients and co-workers, and think about future retirement funds and college tuition. Yes, my son still has to go to school, do his homework, eat his dinner, and limit his video games. But now… we do it all with a certain ease. With a certain stress free, relaxed state of mind that is truly liberating. Truly a luxury!

Now I build my days around the water, time in nature and time outdoors, around health and fitness, around being a better person and a better father, around the great food we might enjoy for dinner and the great friend I might meet tomorrow for lunch, around making memories AND living in the moment. Simply around a better quality of life. A much more enjoyable and luxurious quality of life.

I now live my life knowing that it is just that… My life. The life I choose, the life I want. The one and only life that I am going to get.

So the next time you hear the word luxury think about what it means to you… not what it means to the rest of the world or what most people define as luxury. Luxury is not a big house, a fancy car, a new boat, or a shiny diamond. Meaningful luxury, the luxury that you want, is living your life on your terms and in a way that puts a smile on your face every morning… and a smile on the face of everyone around you.

Own your story, each and every day. Embrace the luxury that is your life… a life that you can define and create and nourish and share. That my friends is true luxury!


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