We all love gorgeous Walton County, and our stunning beaches, and apparently so do a lot of other people. We are now the sixth fastest growing county in America.

The U.S. Census Bureau has released new 2017 stats and on the list of fastest growing counties in America sits Walton County, Florida at number six. That is a 15 spot jump from the last census when we were 21st in the nation in 2016. Walton County is also the fastest growing county of all 67 in the state of Florida. That’s right, people are moving here at a faster rate than the counties home to Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.

From Defuniak Springs across the bay down Highway 331 and on to 98 and 30A, the growth is easy to see. New homes, new businesses, and new people everywhere. The secret is out, this is a great place to call home.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau report, Walton County has gained almost 3,000 new residents in the past year.

CLICK HERE for some interesting facts and figures about Walton County and its people.

I am one of those people who visited here often and finally decided to make Santa Rosa Beach my full time home. The quality of life, along with the natural beauty and of course the gorgeous beaches, was simply too good to pass up.

Of course there will be people unhappy about the growth. With it comes the envitable problems such as more traffic, longer lines at businesses, and extra pressure on area infrastructure. But those problems will sort themselves out over time… they always do. Unfortunately, there will always be the people who find something to complain about but just remember… growth brings money, and jobs, and new opportunities. A thriving area is far more desirable than a dying area!

Plus it will also bring people like myself who love the area, contribute to the local community and local businesses, and are genuinely proud to call Walton County home.

Change is inevitable, especially when you live in a great locale like ours. We are a top tourist destination that is wonderfully beautiful and diverse. We all knew the possibilities of growth when we moved here. The same reason we showed up is why so many more full time folks are showing up. Can you blame them? This is truly one of the sweet spots in America… and I should know, I have called everywhere from Indiana to Los Angeles to Charleston to Nashville home. I love the fact that my friends around the country are jealous of my little slice of paradise. We can’t be angry about the fact that we have a desirable back yard!

Walton County is booming and, if you have an open mind and a positive outlook, that boom will be a very good thing. Life is what you make it and it is simply far too short to have a negative attitude. I for one choose to welcome my new neighbors… in the same warm way that I was welcomed when I put down Walton County roots!

Take a look at the top ten counties below and use the link below to learn more from the US Census Department.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Counties (Percentage Increase) – 2017

2017 Rank 2016 Rank County 2017 Population 2016 Population Percent Change Numeric Change
1 1473 Falls Church city, VA 14,583 13,868 5.2 715
2 7 Comal County, TX 141,009 134,142 5.1 6,867
3 5 Wasatch County, UT 32,106 30,571 5.0 1,535
4 1 Hays County, TX 214,485 204,345 5.0 10,140
5 2 Kendall County, TX 44,026 41,964 4.9 2,062
6 21 Walton County, FL 68,376 65,440 4.5 2,936
7 41 Tooele County, UT 67,456 64,599 4.4 2,857
8 44 Morgan County, UT 11,873 11,373 4.4 500
9 805 Lumpkin County, GA 32,873 31,528 4.3 1,345
10 9 Osceola County, FL 352,180 337,990 4.2 14,190

CLICK HERE to get all the facts and figures from the US Census Depertment


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